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Career Coaching for Professional Women

Throughout my own career I’ve worked extensively on helping mid- to senior level women to progress further in theirs.

Across many different industries and professions taking your career where you want it to go remains a challenge for many women. A lack of self-confidence, low visibility and recognition at senior levels, career breaks, assuming that our achievements are always noticed and acknowledged by our managers, being taken seriously when we want to discuss working part-time or we want to start our own business – any of these can block our professional progress.

Whether you work for an organisation, run your own business or you’re thinking about starting one, I can help you accelerate to the next stage and move into a more fulfilling role that integrates into the life you want to lead.

Sometimes making a career change can seem quite daunting: what if setting up by yourself means taking a pay cut and lifestyle changes, or you’re worried you don’t have enough time to spend on exploring new career options, or you feel that it’s too risky at your age, or you’re worried about failing, about needing new skills, or about what other people might think?

As your coach, I’ll enable you to identify the concerns and doubts that may be holding you back and help you find ways to overcome them. I’ll support you in your journey towards believing in yourself, having real confidence in your skills and abilities and feeling proud of your achievements – without losing sight of your true self or the special attributes that as a woman you bring to the workplace.

We’ll work together on a tailored coaching programme that starts with an in-depth analysis of you and what you really want:


  • I’ll help you establish your core values, what’s really important to you – not only in your  career but in the whole of your life – and what’s missing at the moment.
  • You’ll gain deep insights into knowing who you are and what you hold most dear.
  • You’ll find ways to overcome the limiting beliefs, self-doubts and lack of confidence or focus that may be getting in the way and blocking or hindering your progress.


  • I’ll help you gain clarity and focus on what really motivates you – the things that you want to have as part of your life and your career that make you feel passionate, excited and inspired.
  • You’ll find the time and space to revisit all the ideas and dreams that you might have pushed to one side but part of you is still longing to explore.


  • I’ll help you uncover and access your unique talents – the knowledge and skills you may not realise you have and how you could create value doing the things you love.
  • I’ll help you identify and visualise the type of work that gives meaning to your life as well as to your career, based on:
    • your values and priorities
    • your natural talents and creativity
    • the type of work you want to do
    • the way you want to work
    • the type of environment in which you want to work.


  • I’ll help you set goals and identify the actions that will move you forward to achieving them.
  • By exploring techniques to support specific steps such as:
    • preparing a new CV and professional profile
    • preparing for important meetings or interviews
    • asking for and taking on a challenging and stretching assignment
    • moving into a leadership role
    • networking skills to win new business or explore new job opportunities.

Be the best you can be. You have a wealth of untapped potential, so contact me to discuss a free sample coaching session. You and your career have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Maya Angelou

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