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Here’s what some of Hilary’s clients are saying…

“I enlisted the services of Hilary at a point in my career where I knew everything was pointing in the wrong direction. I was in the wrong job, the wrong industry, very unfulfilled and certainly not developing my potential in the way I should be. Bereft of confidence and no longer sure of my strengths or what I had to offer, the only thing I was certain about was that I needed drastic change. Hilary was initially the first step in enabling me to begin that change, and over time her help and guidance would be become absolutely instrumental in ultimately achieving it.

Through various guides, techniques and demanding but rewarding exercises, Hilary helped me unlock what I was repressing deep down, what I was as yet unaware of and most crucially, made me rediscover my confidence and self-belief. Through this period of nurturing self discovery, Hilary helped me realise what my true values, motivations and abilities were. In turn, this all helped me confidently articulate my skills and experience. She helped me revitalise and transform my own personal brand and pitch, which would be the foundation upon which I based my career change. I am very happy and proud to say that I am now a ‘success story’ by transitioning into an area I really wanted to move into, but never thought I could. Without Hilary’s guidance, it is hard to see how I would have achieved this.

Michael White, Sports Marketing Consultant – London, UK


“I started having coaching with Hilary when I was just beginning to apply for interviews in an attempt to get myself back to work after a two year career break taken to care for my very young children.  At this time I was lacking confidence and unsure of exactly what was the best path to take towards a new job.  Working with Hilary has been invaluable as she helped me to understand exactly what is important to me in career terms and how to go about nailing the interview and getting the offer.  Hilary is an excellent listener, cleverly picking up on things I say and teasing out the real essence of my thoughts.  Her questioning technique has helped me to understand why I think the way I do and helped me examine the reasons for my behaviour.  What I have particularly enjoyed about the coaching sessions has been the very practical advice which Hilary has given me to help give me focus and prevent me giving in to crises of confidence.  She has helped me feel stronger and more in control of my destiny.  I have found Hilary to be very professional at all times but warm, friendly and easy to open up to.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants help in realising their full potential.” 

Charlotte Morris,  Modern Languages Teacher – Surrey, UK


“Hilary was a fantastic guide to me.  She helped me gain the confidence and poise to both secure a great new role and the tools to be able to excel at it.  The conversations started with wide ranging assessment and analysis of my goals and ambitions, the highs and lows of my career to date and how they have affected me.  We progressed to focus on teasing out my skills and achievements, refreshing my CV and my whole approach to self-belief and confidence.  Hilary’s questioning approach made me think deeply about why I felt as I did and then she was fantastic at helping me channel my thoughts such that I was able to confidently progress through interviews and into a new role.  I cannot recommend Hilary highly enough.”

James Hamilton, Operations Director – Hampshire, UK


“I loved working with Hilary. She has a lot of wisdom and business experience and is a very warm person. She helped me really believe in myself and the products I am offering my clients. Thank you!”

Therese Hoyle, Education Consultant – Malvern, UK


“Hilary became my coach at a period in my life where I needed some direction and also to allow myself time to start thinking about what I needed to do in order to make some changes. I was a busy entrepreneur: overworked, underestimated (mainly by myself) and stuck in a rut. Through her coaching, Hilary helped me to stand back and take an inventory of what I had achieved, where I was currently at and also where I wanted to go.  Hilary has been a fabulous coach, her enthusiasm has no bounds and her ability to bring out that something special in a person has exceeded by far what I had imagined before embarking on this fantastic journey.”

Eleanor Lamy, Luxury Goods Marketing – Niort, France


“After the first introductory session with Hilary I was convinced that I should invest the time in reviewing my career. During the programme we covered my entire professional experience, picked up all the high / lows, my key learning’s from them, my achievements, how to quantify success and failures etc. It also helped me to clearly identify my strengths and how I could leverage them going forward. I’d say to anyone considering career coaching with Hilary to take that first step. It’s a process to unlock oneself with the support of an expert and re-define your career goals in a detailed and structured way. I really loved the sessions with Hilary – she ensured that I was motivated and looked at the positive side of life during a time of uncertainty and change at work. And when a great new career opportunity came along – I was ready for it!”

B. Moodbidri – Global Sales Manager, Switzerland


“I wanted to make several changes to my professional life and coaching was something I had wanted to try. Hilary is a good and patient listener and a great sounding board for new ideas. She used her vast professional experience to guide me forward by making pertinent suggestions and helping with practical things like CVs and covering letters. I found meeting up on a regular basis the most useful aspect of the coaching process; it would help me focus on my goals; gave a shape to what I wanted to achieve and made visible what I was achieving. There was no room to give up or back down. I would recommend Hilary and her services to anyone who’s got a project or a dream they want to realize. She was good to work with and I feel a much happier person”.

Maga Esberg, Photographer – Brighton, UK


“I always wanted to have a coach and Hilary arrived at the right moment.  Our coaching sessions were really special. Hilary’s warmth, her coaching style and the depth of her questioning all supported my journey and helped me to see things afresh. I was able to find creative ways to shine new light on issues, discover fresh perspectives to view my experiences from, learn more about myself and how to grow into a better place. I grew in both my personal and working life. When I look back at those 9 months, I can see the shift I made from feeling sad, frustrated and anxious to adopting more meaningful behaviours, becoming more assertive, recognising my true strengths and honouring my unique values. I realised I could make a difference in my job and for the people I wanted to accompany in their working life.

I recommend Hilary  without a doubt. She has a deep inner power that boosts you by revealing the depth of your talents and experience, helping you find new ways, new solutions, centering you on your own life path, with the confidence and strength you need to move forward. I now check in once a month with Hilary, to help me keep on track.

Thank you for this extraordinary journey and for being such a great a source of inspiration.”

Florence Machiedo, HR Director – Hartford CT, USA


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